Winter Car Maintenance Tips

December 11th, 2016 by
winter car maintenance

Avoid this hassle by following our winter car maintenance tips

Winter is just around the corner. In fact, you may have already had to scrape your windows a few times already. Here in Georgia, we don’t have to suffer through the worst of winter like our northern neighbors, but it still gets cold, frosty, and sometimes snowy.

To keep your car in ideal working condition, here are a few winter car maintenance tips.

  • Clean out your car. While getting the trash out is good, we’re talking about the leaves here. Now that the autumn foliage has finished falling, clean out any buildup of dead leaves and other debris from your car. Check the area near the front of the windshield, called the air plenum. In addition, if you have a sunroof, open it up and check the drain areas.
  • Check your wipers. Windshield wipers, at most, only last a year. If yours are stuttering, leaving streaks, or have any cracks, it is time to replace them.
  • Inspect your battery. As the temperatures get colder, this can exacerbate minor problems. If you have any trouble starting your car, it could be a battery issue. Make sure it has enough juice to get you through the winter.

If you need help with these or any other maintenance steps, schedule a service appointment today with us here at Carriage Kia.