When Should I Get an Oil Change?

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When Should I Get an Oil Change?

Older cars should get an oil change every 3,000 miles. But recently-built cars use synthetic-blend or full-synthetic multi-grade motor oils that have low viscosity and help improve fuel economy. If your vehicle falls into this group, your oil-change interval will range from 5,000 to 7,500 miles. If you always use full-synthetic motor oil and don’t do heavy-duty driving, you might be able to go 15,000 miles between changes. Check your engine monthly and top off your oil level if its low. If your car has oil-life monitoring, change your oil when the warning light comes on.

Benefits of Oil Change Service

Fresh, quality motor oil helps your engine run efficiently. It reduces temperatures and friction by lubricating moving parts that rub each other. Without motor oil, your engine would implode within seconds due to constant friction — parts would seize up, melt, bend and break. To prolong your vehicle’s useful life, be sure to heed the manufacturer’s recommended oil change interval. Driving causes dirt deposits that cause engine sluggishness, which is why you should periodically change your oil.

The factory-trained Certified Technicians at Carriage Kia are fully qualified to care for your car, whatever the make, model and year. If your engine is dripping or burning oil, our Certified Technicians will identify and fix the problem promptly. At every oil change, we’ll replace your oil filter to prevent it becoming clogged and useless. We’ll help you avoid costly repairs that can soak you for perhaps thousands of dollars that occur when you neglect to change your oil at the recommended intervals.

Make our KIA dealership your convenient oil change location. We’ll replace your oil and filter, check all fluid levels, and look for any early signs of problems to keep your car operating safely. Don’t procrastinate – schedule an oil change with Carriage KIA now. Rely on our Service Center to maintain your vehicle in top condition!