What is the 2018 Kia Sportage Towing Capacity?

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You can easily get 200,000 miles or more dependable service from your safe, reliable Kia vehicle if you care for it properly. Getting a long life from your Kia saves you a lot of money, because it postpones the date and costs of replacement. Kia models are built to last and offer many safety options that help you keep your vehicle on the road. New Kia vehicles come with a 10-year warranty to minimize covered costs and help you realize a long service life.
Here are some recommendations to keep your Kia last longer:

How Can I Make my Kia Last Longer?

Basic Towing

With either the base engine or the turbo, the Sportage has a basic tow rating of 1,650 pounds. If you are comparing SUVs, you’ll find that this is higher than the 1,500 pound rating for the Ford Escape, Honda CR-V, and Toyota RAV4.


The standard four-cylinder engine generates 181 horsepower and 175 lb.-ft. of torque. Kia turbos generate 240 horsepower and 260 lb.-ft. of torque. These are paired with front-wheel drive and an automatic transmission. You can also get the turbo with all-wheel drive. This system generates 237 horsepower.

Proper Equipment

When properly equipped, the Sportage can tow 2,000 pounds. Shoppers will want to get the Kia tow hitch because it is specially made for the Sportage. It is custom designed. For top security and strength, it is mounted directly to the vehicle frame.

Stability Assistance

Vehicle stability management helps regulate the Sportage, preventing rollovers and jack-knifing. Traction controls regulate wheelspin to help the Kia grip the road when traction conditions are poor.

For balance on inclines, the hill start assist prevents unwanted rollback. The system holds the vehicle in place as the driver moves a foot from the brakes to the accelerator.

Downhill brake control maintains safer travel even when you have a trailer hitched to the Sportage. Even when gravity is pulling you forward, DBC works to maintain the right speed for conditions. This helps protect your brakes and your gears.

Dynamax All-Wheel Drive adds intelligent torque distribution. It regulates which wheels get power. This allows the vehicle to even out the wheelspin. This adds traction in bad conditions and regulates instability during cornering.
AWD also offers a locking center differential. This system also improves traction.

How to Tow

Before towing, be sure to read your vehicle manual. It will explain how to tow with your 2018 Kia Sportage. Following these instructions are vital to protecting your vehicle from damage. Some factors such as the number of people in the vehicle, the vehicle’s cargo payload, and the gross weight rating may need to be considered when deciding what can be towed. Most importantly, Sportage SUVs can’t tow more than 2,000 pounds without risking instability. Too much weight can strain the vehicle body or engine.

It is also essential to know the total weight of your camper, trailer and/or payload. This means you need to take into account every item put into your trailer. Remember that adventure machines, i.e. jet skis, ATVs, etc., do not always weigh the same thing. Motorcycles can weigh 450 pounds or 950 pounds. You should be sure of the exact weight. Furthermore, you will want to factor the gasoline in a vehicle into your calculations.

Maintaining Safety on the Road

Before towing, make sure your trailer brake lights are working. While on the road, use your side mirrors to keep an eye on your load. Never put loose items on a trailer. It is essential to anchor them to your trailer. Make sure your load is as balanced as possible.

Other Options

If you don’t need to tow, you still have cargo options with the Kia Sportage. The cargo area measures 30.7 cubic feet. There is a rear storage compartment under the floor. This organizes your valuables and keeps them out of view. The rear seats fold to accommodate up to 60.1 cubic feet. The back row can be split 60/40, allowing you to maintain some seating while gaining more cargo space. Utility is one of the many reasons the Sportage earned the Vehicle Satisfaction Award and the Ideal Vehicle Award from industry analyst AutoPacific.

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