Weird Car Noises and What They Mean

May 6th, 2016 by

Weird Car Noises

Driving your car should be fun, but if it makes any sounds you don’t recognize, it suddenly become stressful. If you’re looking for the reason behind your weird car noises, look no further!

Any sound when turning – If you turn a corner and hear something off, it’s likely that your steering linkage needs lubricating or even replacement.

Clunking when you brake – Your brake caliper or other brake hardware might be damaged or missing.

Hissing/sizzling under the hood – If you hear this when the engine is first shut off, that means something is leaking.

Flapping – Any kind of flapping could mean the fan or a belt could be broken or something’s interfering with it.

Rattles from underneath – This could mean that your exhaust system or even your brake pads could be loose.

Roaring that gets louder with acceleration – The exhaust system or transmission could be damaged.

Loud bang – That’s a backfire, which could mean that your catalytic converter isn’t functioning properly and the air-fuel mixture is too rich.

Squealing on acceleration – This could mean that your belts are loose or that a drive pulley for an accessory is misaligned.

Either way, come to Carriage Kia’s service department to get it checked out!


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