Used Cars, Trucks, and SUVs For Sale

    At Carriage Kia, we provide a large used car selection, and we welcome you to explore it. Among our inventory, you will find a broad range of autos. Some drivers need a reliable used car to commute to work. Other folks come to us for vehicles that fit their families and interests. Our diverse selection pleases all sorts of drivers.

    Benefits of purchasing Used Cars

    Smart drivers buy used cars. After all, compared to higher-priced new cars, a well-maintained used car can save you a significant amount of money. Choosing a used car can actually assist your bank balance in multiple ways. The first of those is decreased depreciation. New cars lose their value precipitously. Used cars will maintain a higher percentage of the money invested. Secondly, our used car pricing structures allow you to acquire more car for your money. You can use this buying power to step up to a different vehicle class than you might have previously considered. Imagine yourself in a full-featured vehicle instead of an entry-level model. Finally, used cars' lower prices translate to lower monthly payments. When you visit us, tell us how you plan to spend the money buying a used car will save you. We love to learn details from our customers' lives!

    Qualities of the Best-Used Cars

    Only worthy pre-owned cars grace used car inventory. Overused, unreliable cars belong in other driveways than yours! Before admitting a used car onto our dealership's sales lot, an experienced Carriage Kia service technician reviews the vehicle's components. We check all transmission and safety-related parts, and we appropriately address any issues we discover. Our careful process heightens our customers' confidence in our used cars. We would love to host you for a test drive at our conveniently located dealership. Feel free to call ahead for a no-pressure appointment.
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