Upcoming Kia Soul Concept: Electrified Off-Roader

February 11th, 2015 by


As if we didn’t already have enough to look forward to at the upcoming Chicago Auto Show, Kia just made the wait that much more frustrating. And it all has to do with a press release Kia published recently that offered few clues.

As far as what the concept looks like, we known that it comes out of the Kia Soul design platform. The teaser photo only shows the front-quarter of the concept. According to G2, we see “blacked-out body cladding, red-trimmed wheels, and what looks like some chunk fog lights on the front bumper.”

Of the few clues revealed, one was that the new Kia Soul concept would feature an all-wheel drive electric powertrain. Kia called the new powertrain “advanced and capable.”

It’s clear who Kia has in mind to please with the new concept. The automaker called it a “bold off-roader.” Clearly, more environmentally-conscious, adventurous-types will be drawn to the upcoming Kia Soul concept.

We have plenty of Kia Soul’s in stock so come on in and check out the iconic, funky vehicle!  Stop in for a test drive, take it for a joy ride, and fall in love!