The Sorento, The Australian Open, and Rafael Nadal: Kia’s New Ad for the Australian Open

January 28th, 2015 by


This just in, the Australian Open venue is under attack by Sentinals, and the only savior is Rafael Nadal and his trusted weapon: the Sorento XCar! Well, all according to Kia’s new ad for the Grand Slam tennis tournament.

Kia has sponsored the Australian Open, one of the major tennis tournaments in the world, and according to their ad, not a second too soon! Those of you who have seen the newest X-Men movie will relate to the new ad featuring all of your favorite X-men, and one new guy.

Rafael Nadal, the tennis great, is the latest mutant hero swinging a cannon of a tennis racket and driving the 2016 Sorento X-Car, emblazoned with Wolverine’s Adamantium claws. Obviously the commercial is rather tounge-in-cheek, but the playful-side of this luxurious full-sized crossover is pretty entertaining.

And you don’t have to be a superhero tennis player to enjoy driving the next-generation Sorento, but you’ll definitely feel like one. “Dramatically reengineered to be sleek, strong, and adaptive to you. Now with elegantly sculpted surfaces, even more cabin space, and a luxurious wraparound dashboard for distinctive appeal. From the finely crafted seating to intuitive advanced technologies, it’s the car you drive to seek out adventure,” according to the Sorento website.

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