30/60/90,000 Mile Service Checkup


30/60/90,000 mile service checkup


30,000 miles, 60,000 miles, and 90,000 miles are the three most important times to take your car to your dealership or mechanic for services. These three mileage milestones are an easy way to remember when to get your car a major checkup that can dramatically extend your car’s longevity, so don’t skip over them!

When you take your car into the dealership for a checkup once you’ve hit 30, 60, or 90,000 miles, they’ll perform a variety of checks on your car and make necessary repairs and replacements. The dealership will evaluate the computer’s systems and components to make sure everything mechanical and electrical is in proper working order. After the evaluation, they’ll provide you with a recommendation on when certain parts should be replaced, if it is necessary to replace them before the next milestone.

During the 30/60/90,000 mile service checkup, your technician may replace your spark plugs, fuel filter, and vent filter; check your belts and hoses, fluids and lubrication, brakes, suspension and shock, and tire pressure; clean your engine and brakes; change the oil; rotate your tires; and flush the coolant and brake systems, among other things. The technician will only perform repairs that are immediately necessary.

Getting these regular checkups does more than just increase your car’s life. They help protect your car’s warranty, reduce driving risks like breaking down, and maximizes your fuel economy as well as the resale value of the car down the line. So rather than spend a lot more on repairs down the line, get this preventative maintenance done and save tons in the long run!


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