Reasons to Buy a Hatchback or a Sedan

December 9th, 2015 by

Most compact and subcompact car models, like the Kia Rio, come in both sedan and hatchback body styles. Each body style has its own set of benefits for different drivers. Which is the right style 2016 Kia Rio sedan hatchbackfor you? Here are some reasons to buy a hatchback or a sedan.

Reasons to Buy a Sedan

For the most part, sedan models end up being cheaper than their hatchback counterparts, saving drivers more money. Sedans also offer more privacy in the cargo area, unlike hatchbacks, which have a window near the storage space.

Reasons to Buy a Hatchback

Hatchback models offer a lot more cargo space, thanks to an extended truck area. Additionally, hatchbacks tend to have a higher resale value than sedan models, due to their relative rarity in association to their demand.

Whether you need more space for your stuff or want to save a few more bucks, both hatchbacks and sedans offer their own set of distinct benefits.