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2015 Kia Soul EV


The eco-friendly 2015 Kia Soul EV is available at last!  Starting as low as $26,200 ($33,700 MSRP-$7,500 federal tax credit), the 2015 Kia Soul EV is the green, budget-friendly, fun way to save at the pump, reduce your carbon footprint, and experience comfort and iconic style all at once!  Stay ahead of the curve in the modern world with this all-new EV and experience next-level technology, such as the debut of the Organic LED 3.5” display, energy-smart innovations, and the free smartphone UVO EV Services app no matter where you are or plan to go!  Expect to stand out, turn heads, and start an electric revolution with the 2015 Kia Soul EV – Now available at Carriage Kia! Contact us today to schedule your test drive!


The 2015 Kia Soul EV is available in 2 different trim levels: the Kia Soul EV Base and the Kia Soul EV +


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Frequently Asked Questions


Is an electric vehicle right for me?

Owning an all-electric vehicle (EV) could help you save money because they are 100% electric and require no gas at all!  Along with saving money at the pump, you will be minimizing your carbon footprint because EV’s also reduce air pollution caused by harmful emissions.
Check out this Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator and see the green impact you could have just by owning one EV!

Take a look at this great infographic to help you decide if an EV is the right choice for you!


How much money could I save owning an electric vehicle?

Electric vehicles are propelled only by an electric motor, so the system is cleaner and more streamlined than a gasoline motor, resulting in less maintenance that is required.  You could save about 46% in annual maintenance costs.  You could also earn a federal tax credit of up to $7,500!  Find out more about local, state and federal incentive programs here.


What other incentives come with owning an EV?

Many times, electric companies offer reduced electricity rates for EV owners, lowering the cost of charging your vehicle at home.  Some car insurance companies also offer discounts for EV owners!  Most of the time, you can also get rebates for home charger installations, free or preferred public parking, free charging at select businesses, and reduced toll fees.


How do I charge my EV?

There are three types of ways to charge your EV:

  • With a 120v charger, which you plug straight into a wall.  The 120v charger takes about 24 hours for your EV to achieve a full charge.
  • With a 240v charger, which you can install at home to charge overnight. These are also found in many public locations. The 240v charger takes about 4-5 hours for your EV to achieve a full charge. Kia has partnered with AeroVironment, Bosch, and Leviton to provide options for a 240v home charging station.  Find out which one is right your lifestyle and charging needs here.
  • 480v DC Fast Charger, which is also found in many public locations. The 480v charger can charge your EV 80% in 30 minutes.


Can I manage my EV’s battery remotely?

Yes!  The free UVO EV Services app lets you remotely control your Soul EV from virtually anywhere outside of your vehicle.  Use your smartphone, tablet, or visit MyUVO.com where you will be able to schedule specific charging times, unlock or lock your doors, preset the temperature of the cabin, receive updates on the battery status, find a charging station, and much more!


What happens if the battery runs out?

Although this is very unlikely to happen, Kia’s 24-hour Roadside Assistance will transport you and your Soul EV to the nearest charging station or Kia dealer.


What happens when my battery reaches the end of its life?

When your high voltage battery reaches the end of its life, it will be replaced with a new battery.  Kia is also working with battery recyclers to dispose of failed high voltage batteries in a proper manner.


How is Distance to Empty (DTE), or driving range, calculated for the Kia Soul EV?

DTE is based on past driving patterns by averaging the distance between the past 20 cycles and considering the operation of the HVAC system or the road conditions classified by navigation.


How do I take a road trip with my Kia Soul EV?

Planning is essential to the EV life, so you can use the station finder apps to map out your trip.  Know your distance, utilize your in-car battery management tool, and plan your trips ahead of time and your EV will be ready to take on the road.


Does using the heater or AC affect my range?

The heater and AC both consume energy from the high-voltage battery, which can cause the range to decrease, but if you keep your HVAC at 73°F, this will achieve optimal energy consumption.  Also, turning off the heater or AC will help manage energy consumption and increase your driving range.


What is the regenerative braking system?

The regenerative braking system converts kinetic energy to electric energy during deceleration to charge the high-voltage battery.  The electric motor is used as a generator, increasing the energy efficiency.


How far can I drive after the high-voltage battery warning lamp turns on?

Depending on your driving speed, heater or AC use, weather conditions and other driving habits, you can generally drive 12-25 miles.


What does MPGe mean?

MPGe stands for “Miles per Gallon equivilant”.  One gallon equals 33.7 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity.


Check out other FAQ about the Kia Soul EV here!



Locating a Charging Station


You can find a public charging station here.  Just type in your current location and your planned destination and it will show you all of the charging stations along the way!

Usually these apps will display the hours of operation that the charger is available.

There are also some charging stations where you pay a monthly subscription, pay per hour, or in some cases, are free to use.


When you are charging your EV, it is important to keep in mind…

Proper Charging Etiquette

  1.  Use an app such as PlugShare — Find nearby charging stations and if you happen to get to a charger that is already in use, you can easily find the next closest one.
  2. Recharge only what you need — For Level 2, 240v chargers, it is proper etiquette to only take enough charge to get to your next destination.  Try to leave the longer charger sessions for home charging only.
  3. Don’t be a charge hog — Once your EV is charged, move your vehicle so that others can charge their car.  If you think your EV will be charged before you get back to your vehicle…
  4. Leave a note — Let other drivers know that they can unplug your EV when your battery reaches a full charge.
  5. Don’t unplug other EVs or hybrids — It is only okay to unplug someone else’s vehicle when they have given you consent or if their car has already reached a full charge.


Reviews and News


Edmunds.com gives the Kia Soul EV an A+!  Find out why Edmunds rates the Kia Soul EV one of their top recommended electric cars!

MotorWeek has called the Kia Soul EV the best eco-friendly choice! We think it is pretty obvious to see why!

The Kia Soul EV has earned the first and only Environmental Claim Validation in the industry! From the headlining, to the trims and carpet, the Kia Soul EV is made with eco-friendly plastics from plant-based material while the sound system, vents, and floor consoles are made with BTX-free and water-borne paints!


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