Know How to Respond to an Overheated Engine This Summer

May 22nd, 2015 by

engine overheats

Now that the weather is getting increasingly warmer as we head toward the hottest months of summer, your car is in more danger than ever of an overheated engine.

Just in case this happens to you, know what to do when your engine overheats:

  • Pull over somewhere safe and out of others’ way, as quickly as reasonably possible so as not to cause alarm.
  • Call roadside assistance for help, and do not attempt to solve the problem on your own.
  • However – it’s likely best to slowly pop open the hood of your car, so that fresh air can get to the engine and cool it down.
  • Do not to try to touch the engine in any way, as you could easily burn yourself. Pouring cooler water on it is also not a good idea, as the resulting steam could burn you as well.

How would you safely respond to an overheated engine? Let us know your process in the comments.

Remember, if you experience any engine trouble, be sure to contact Carriage Kia’s Service Department to help you out!