Kia Soul EV Wireless Charger

September 23rd, 2015 by


Kia Partnership with Ecology Center


Exciting things are happening with the Kia Soul EV, the electric vehicle version of the uniquely designed and extremely popular Kia Soul. The Soul EV has been wildly successful in the electric vehicle market so far, and now its popularity will undoubtedly surge again with a convenient new feature: wireless charging.

The Kia Soul EV wireless charger, which Kia says is in the final stages of development, will make the Soul much more accessible to drivers who live in apartments and other commercial housing rather than houses, as these places have notoriously been difficult to install EV charging stations in.

The final testing phase will involve a group of five Soul EVs being tested by Kia engineers in real world driving scenarios to test the actual convenience and reliability of the wireless charging feature. Kia has said that the wireless chargers could lead to lighter battery packs, which would make the Soul EV and any other Kia EVs and hybrids more efficient, lightweight, and affordable.

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