Kia GT Concept Given the Green Light

April 24th, 2015 by

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When the Kia GT Concept was revealed in 2011, its sleek lines, stimulating curves, rear-hinged door, and turbocharged V6 powered rear-wheel drive had many hoping that the racer would be more than just an idea, but a production reality. That is, until now.

Although not officially confirmed by the company, it is rumored that Kia has been given the green light for production of its GT Concept, signaling its entrance into the sports sedan market. Rumor also has it that Kia is considering production of a GT4 Stinger variant; however, don’t look for it any time soon.

According to Orth Hendrick, Kia America’s head of product planning, the Kia GT is, “…under development. The Stinger we have some more work to do as far as bringing that to market. The market for a coupe is not strong for the length of time needed to get a return on your investment. So for GT we are actively working on that car.

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