How Can I Make My Kia Last Longer?

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You can easily get 200,000 miles or more dependable service from your safe, reliable Kia vehicle if you care for it properly. Getting a long life from your Kia saves you a lot of money, because it postpones the date and costs of replacement. Kia models are built to last and offer many safety options that help you keep your vehicle on the road. New Kia vehicles come with a 10-year warranty to minimize covered costs and help you realize a long service life.
Here are some recommendations to keep your Kia last longer:

How Can I Make my Kia Last Longer?

Proper Maintenance

The Kia owner’s manual provides a maintenance schedule for regular service and parts replacement. The first line of defense against premature wear is changing your oil and filters as set out in the manual. You can keep your engine clean and unclogged by using quality oil and filters at each scheduled maintenance. The maintenance schedule also includes fluid replacements, brake servicing, belt inspections and tire rotations. You should decrease the service interval if your car experiences extreme conditions. Lastly, never ignore warning lights – they can alert you to problems before they become noticeable.


One reason you have your car maintained at an authorized dealership is that you don’t want to be saddled with inferior, low-quality replacement parts. Our Kia dealership uses only Genuine Kia Parts, built to the standards as the originals. Saving a few dollars on cheap parts is short-sighted, as they can lead to premature failure and damage. You could compromise your Kia’s performance if you use no-name spark plugs, belts, hoses and so forth. The bottom line: Never skimp on replacement parts.

Pay Attention

Take notice of any unusual smells or noises emanating from your vehicle, as they might indicate the early stages of a problem. The same is true for sudden performance losses. It’s a good idea to occasionally check under the hood for low fluid levels, cracked hoses, frayed belts or other signs of trouble. You also want to keep an eye on exterior scratches and dents where rust can form. Rust can take years off your vehicle’s life and cost you money at trade-in time. Properly washing and waxing your car will help fend off rust. You should also clean the interior before dirt is ground in, and consider applying UV protectant to vinyl and leather surfaces.

We invite you to take advantage of our Kia Service Department to keep your car in optimum condition. That’s the best way to get the longest and most worry-free service from your Kia.

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