How to Choose a Car for Your Teen

November 4th, 2016 by

How to Choose a Car for Your TeenWhile parents certainly don’t have to purchase cars for their teenagers, many parents do. It’s a difficult decision that requires a lot of thought but we’ve boiled it down to a few simple points that we think will help your decision. Here’s how to choose a car for your teen.


The most important factor in choosing any vehicle for your teen is safety. Teenagers aren’t known to be the best drivers, so it’s important to put them in something that will keep them safe in all circumstances.


The second most important factor is the price of the car. A vast majority of teenagers are simply happy to have a car to call their own, so there’s no reason to spend a huge amount of money on their vehicle. If they want something newer and fancy, they can chip in for that.


If you want to limit the amount of people that your teen has in the car with them, buy something smaller. If you get them an SUV, they will inevitably end up with ten people in their car every weekend. Limit the distractions and get them a sedan, coupe, or two-seater truck.

It’s an exciting time in your teenager’s life and having a car to drive means a lot to them. Don’t get too caught up in buying something really nice for them. They’ll be happy no matter what.

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