How Do Hybrid Cars Work?

October 22nd, 2016 by

How Do Hybrid Cars WorkHave you ever wondered how hybrid cars work? Everyone knows hybrids are supposed to be more efficient, but what kind of parts and technologies do they use to achieve this?

While most cars have an engine, which is powered by gasoline and in turn powers the electric battery, hybrid cars have an engine, a battery, and an electric motor that provides power to the car along with the engine. Because of this, the engine has to do less work, which uses less fuel.

In a parallel hybrid car, the battery provides power to the electric motor, and the battery is recharged by the engine, which is still powered by gasoline. There are also series hybrids, in which the gasoline engine powers a generator that powers the batteries, which in turn power the electric motors, so the gasoline engine never directly powers the vehicle.

More recently, plug-in hybrids have been introduced, which offer a limited all-electric range in addition to gas-powered hybrid technology. When the electric battery runs out of juice, it switches automatically to using gasoline, making it even more ecofriendly than the standard hybrid, since you can recharge between uses and avoid using fuel altogether besides on long trips.

Both of these options use less fuel and thus have an impact both on gas spending and on the CO2 emissions used, making them much better for the environment than traditional gasoline cars.

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