Expansion Plans for the Kia Soul EV

March 20th, 2015 by

soul ev

It was only a year ago that the Kia Soul EV made its debut as the automakers first United States electric car. Originally, the launch was planned for California alone, but with the massive success of the Soul EV in the Golden State, expansion is moving forward sooner than planned. Excellent sales are a result of the larger interior than most other compact five-door electric vehicles.

States included in the original plan for expansion include New Jersey, New York, Oregon, and Maryland. That may not be the case any longer. Executives stated the electric vehicle may be coming to more states than the original five but there’s no mention of where exactly.

“For the next stage, we were originally planning on hitting the east coast, but we are changing that around a little bit. You’ll see more availability,” said Orth Hedrick, Kia’s vice president of product planning.

The excellent sales out of 17 California dealerships were significantly more than Kia’s original estimates. The Kia Soul EV is currently built in Korea and sold in the United States. With the expansion, the automaker may be looking at offering the vehicle in Europe as well. Only time will reveal all of the mysteries behind the Kia Soul EV.