Come Enjoy Fall Events at the Kinsey Family Farm

September 24th, 2016 by

Kinsey Family Farm

What does fall mean to you? Leaves turning red and brown, lower temperatures, Halloween, school, and those sorts of things? For a lot of people, autumn traditions involve things like hay rides and picking their own pumpkins. Fall events start at the Kinsey Family Farm as of September 19th, when the farm begins operations for the fall 2016 season. Stop by for tons of great family-friendly fun – and maybe take home some local homemade goods, too!

If you’re looking for a place to come for pumpkins, the Kinsey Family Farm is it. From small, one-pound pumpkins perfect for the little ones to decorate to one-hundred-pound titans, this pumpkin patch provides a lot of options, including varying colors like green, red, and white. Plus, the onsite store even sells edible pie pumpkins grown and harvested just for people who like to bake their own pumpkin pie.

The Kinsey Family Farm is loaded with other activities, like a $3 hayride as well as a barn area and fish pond where families are allowed to feed the animals and fish. The fall harvest shop also sells plenty of homemade goods like jars of salsa, honey, and jam in various flavors. You can also pick up some cider and bread, and maybe even a t-shirt if you want a souvenir.

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