College Student and Graduate Offer

College Georgia


Carriage Kia in Gainesville wants to help students who make the transition from school to their careers by making it easy and affordable to buy a new Kia vehicle!  Whether you are planning that cross-country roadtrip after graduation, moving across state lines for a new job, visiting old college roommates, or driving to and from job interviews, you will need a reliable car to get you whereever you need to be.  It might seem scary after graduation with all of the open options in front of you, but having a great new car will be the first step to making all of your post-grad dreams come true!


We understand the value of a continuing and ongoing education and that is why we here at Carriage Kia participate in the Kia College Student and Graduate Offer.  All “soon to be” (within 6 months of college graduation) or students that have graduated with a degree during the last 24 months are eligible for a discount on their new Kia!  Driving off in your new Kia with these benefits is simple.  Just stop in to Carriage Kia with the following items:


  • A Diploma from an accredited 2 or 4 year college or university, nursing school, or master’s or doctorate program will be accepted as part of the qualifying documentation for Customers that have graduated within the past 24 months. Customers that have yet to graduate, but will do so in the next 6 months, must provide a copy of their transcript that indicates the upcoming graduation date.
  • Proof of employment (such as a pay stub) or an offer letter from a potential employer.


Once we have all of the necessary documents, you can reward yourself with any of our new 2014, 2015, or 2016 Kia vehicles!  A brand new Kia sounds like the perfect graduation gift!


For more information about the College Student and Graduate Program and for information on how you can take advantage of this incentive give us a call at 678-207-1707 or send an e-mail to