Amazon Alexa UVO Skill

Kia K900

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What’s The UVO Skill: Amazon Alexa?

KIA is one of the most innovative automotive brands, and the designers and engineers are constantly looking for new ways to make the lives of drivers a little easier out there on the road. And with UVO Skill, KIA is making the world a little bit safer, too. It harnesses the power of your voice and pretty much allows you to tell your car what to do, so long as the command is available. For example, you can’t tell your car to go buy you a bag of chips at the store and come back, but you can use a voice command to start your car. If you have Alexa in your home, life is about to get VERY easy with UVO Skill.

Let’s say it’s early morning, a cold early morning, and you’re exhausted. You just don’t feel like heading out to your driveway to start the car and get it heated up. No worries! If you have an Alexa enabled device, you’re good to go. Just give the Alexa command for remote start, and soon your car will be getting nice and toasty for you on the frostiest of winter mornings while you get a few extra minutes of sleep.

Compatible Models:

  • Niro Plug-In Hybrid (2018+)
  • Optima Plug-in Hybrid (2017+)
  • Soul EV (2017+)
  • K900 (2016+)

If you have any of these models, and an Alexa enabled device, you’re about to experience the good life when it comes to car care. You can turn on your vehicle with a voice command, get your heat going in the car with a voice command, and even lock your doors remotely without having to run back out to the car to lock them. In days of old, people could only dream of having this kind of convenience, but in the modern world, things are getting easier all the time when it comes to car care and driving. KIA is widely being hailed for incorporating this kind of service into their economical vehicles. They keep costs low, technology advanced, and plenty of new technology is on the way.

If you have any questions about the UVO Skill product, we’d love to hear from you! Carriage KIA loves the KIA brand and is fully knowledgeable about these line of voice command products. All you need to do to get more info is simply write to us with a question, call us, or stop by our dealership to get a full demonstration of how UVO Skill works in conjunction with your Alexa device and vehicle. We’ll take our time in explaining things, let you ask questions, and share our enthusiasm about this neat new feature available in a few KIA models right now. As time goes on, KIA is sure to add this feature standard on many more vehicles, and most of the time you can get it as an optional feature if you choose to opt for a higher trim. Just give us a call today here at Carriage KIA and we’ll let you know more about UVO SKill and how it works with Amazon Alexa. We’re as excited as you are about this feature. Call today!