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Welcome to Carriage Kia in Gainesville, Georgia

Carriage Kia of Gainesville, GA has been in the business of helping customers find the right car for the right price since construction in 2007. Since that time, our unwavering commitment for placing the customer first has allowed us to be recognized as a premiere dealership not only in Georgia, but throughout the southeast.

Whether your automotive needs consist of the purchase or lease of a new or used vehicle, automotive repair or service, or even parts, the Carriage family of dealerships will make sure your visit is worthwhile. We invite you to come check us out and experience “the Carriage difference” for yourself! Contact us at 678-771-6717 today!

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Our Facility

The Carriage Kia facility was built in 2007 soon after our approval to be a Kia franchised dealer. From the beginning we had a commitment to serving our customers and giving them the exceptional experience they deserve and our plans matched that. Rather than reusing a building we had ours built from the ground up using the latest architectural and stylistic designs straight from the factory. Our facility is constantly going through maintenance and renovations that help improve its appearance and ability to serve you in the most technologically advanced ways.

Our Sales Department

The sales department at Carriage Kia was built with the intentions of showing off our wide array of new vehicles in a comfortable and accessible way for our customers to interact with. We realize that just seeing the brand new Kia inside the showroom is only a small part of what customers are interested in doing, so we designed there to be plenty of space to open and close the door and all of the moving parts that a brand new vehicle has to offer. In addition, when you are inside the showroom at Carriage Kia you will notice a plentiful amount of information about Kia models. Everything from awards and accolades to how specific vehicles match up with the competition can be found within inches of each vehicle. As you move from the showroom to the outdoor vehicle lot you will be pleasantly surprised to notice that all our vehicles are organized by model, allowing customers the ease to view a huge variety of colors and external features which often vary from each individual car. At your request to take a test-drive we will treat you to an extensive driving experience where you will be able to safely test out a variety of road driving scenarios as well as an extensive walk-around of your potential new vehicle.

Our Service Department

The service drive at Carriage Kia has been specifically made to allow quick, easy, and convenient access and to ensure that our service advisor provides prompt attention to your needs. Equipped with industry leading technology both inside and outside of the working area allows us to work on your vehicle in a way which maximizes our repair efficiency and the quality of our work. The waiting area has been designed with you in mind and offers free WI-FI service, television, coffee, and comfortable chairs and lounge table so that you can feel at home while your vehicle is being worked on. At Carriage Kia we also perform a complimentary car wash for all service customers so that when you drive off our lot your vehicle is as shiny as the day you bought it!