10 Reasons to Buy a Kia

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10 Reasons to Buy a Kia

The KIA manufacturer has come a long way since it opened as a bicycle parts shop in 1944. Today, it manufactures some of the most reliable and desirable cars in the industry. KIA is an amazing choice if you’re thinking about switching to a new manufacturer. The following are 10 reasons to buy a KIA:

1. Affordability

One of the biggest pluses of buying a Kia is that the company puts out affordable options. Pricing starts at a little over $13,000 for the newest model. You could get something from the extensive used inventory for much less.

2. Warranties

Kia gives its customers a generous warranty because it has confidence in its products. The company is so sure that new buyers will have no problems that they offer a 100,000 or 10-year warranty on the powertrain and other components.

3. Exciting Variety

There’s quite a variety of Kia vehicles available, and they fit every style imaginable. You can find something from this manufacturer whether you are a practical person, a family man or woman, or you have a need for speed.

4. Deals and Discounts

Kia is famous for trying to give back to its customers by way of deals and discounts. You might find some manufacturer rebates and promos if you chose Kia as your next provider.

5. Awards and Recognition

Kia has won a large number of awards for its assortment of high-quality vehicles. They’ve won awards for safety, reliability and eco-friendly features. When you buy a Kia, you know you’re getting into something positive.

6. Stellar Safety Features

Kia put its heart and soul into making the cars as safe as possible. Thus, if you purchase one, you’ll have access to features like ABS, Stability Control, and Hill-Start Assist.

7. Green and Bio-Friendly Options

Kia has some green and bio-friendly vehicle options. You can ask a salesman to introduce you to some of those options if you’d prefer them.

8. Cutting Edge, Euro-Inspired Designs

Kia’s designs have become more cutting-edge and spectacular over the years. They have some Euro influence, but some of the features are exclusive to the masterful minds of the Kia engineers.

9. USA-Built Options

Not many people know this, but a lot of Kias get built in the United States. There’s a plant in Georgia where people put them together. Many American enthusiasts will be happy about this.

10. Luxury for Less

Finally, if you like the feel of a luxury car, but you don’t quite have the money to buy an expensive luxury car. Kia has a vast assortment of attractive items that can pass for luxury vehicles. In fact, you’ll feel so comfortable in them that no one will be able to tell you they aren’t luxury cars.

Are You Ready to Buy a Kia

The reasons mentioned above are only a few reasons you should invest in a Kia car. Someone at the dealership can explain some additional reasons to you. Carriage Kia is waiting to serve you if you found truth in one of the above-stated reasons, and you’re ready to buy a Kia. Pick up the phone, call the dealership, and schedule a test-drive of your favorite Kia car. It’s possible for you to leave the same day with a brand new Kia for yourself.